Month: June 2007

  • In the Airport

    I couldnt sleep last night at all. I was supposed to take a limo to JFK but I decided that I would juts take the subway instead. It seemed easy enough and it really was easy. I dont know why but it seemed that there was a lot of people in the airport today. Actually […]

  • The Shoes in New York Suck

    After seeing so many good shoes, or what i thought were g ood shoes. I then went to the good stores, rivington club, reed space, recon. I didn’t see a single pair of shoes that I wanted to buy. I didn’t see a single thing that i wanted to buy at all in the stores […]

  • Harry Potter Bomber

    There is no real speculation that the person who tried to bomb the Shepard Fairey Dumbo art exhibit is the splasher. What facts are known is that it was a bomb that he and his friend tried to set off in the gallery space. The bomb squad set off one of the devices that they […]

  • shoes in new york

    even foot locker in new york has some great shoes.

  • i am in new york

    So the flight went off without a hitch. I am in New York. I flew right over my house, baby did you hear me? There was a lot of traffic on the 405. The in-flight movies are the namesake, the sandlot: heading home and I think I love my wife. I hope that the daily […]