Month: June 2007

  • The iPhone is awesome

    It just is. I don’t own one just yet, they were sold out. But i do plan on getting one.

  • Sold Out

    I don’t wanna even hear anyone mutter the words, that guy sold out, anymore. How many Helio sponsored walls are going up or are already up right now. Check out the latest helio sponsored wall. Don’t get me wrong, it looks awesome and i am happy that helio is sponsoring these art walls all over […]

  • Thats my hand on Jessica Simpson

    I could do a better job at Photoshoping this Jessica Simpson picture. Or i guess the picture was taken before she divorced Kevin Fenderline or whatever his face is called. Picture from:

  • Fading Ad’s

      One of my most favorite things about Downtown Los Angeles is the Fading advertising. You know when you look up and see an old sign for Sears downtown. When there hasn’t been a sears in downtown in centuries. Here are a couple of websites devoted to the dying art of fading advertising: […]

  • The government is scared of it citizens

    One of the best lines in Michael Moores new movie, “Sicko.” Why does the government do this? Well because the government is scared of its citizens. As it should be. When will American citizens rise up and take a stand for what is happening to them? I always say, well after everyone sees Michael Moore’s […]