Harry Potter Bomber

There is no real speculation that the person who tried to bomb the Shepard Fairey Dumbo art exhibit is the splasher. What facts are known is that it was a bomb that he and his friend tried to set off in the gallery space. The bomb squad set off one of the devices that they had planted and it was a 4 foot wide fire bomb. Not a smoke bomb that everyone speculated that it was, It was a bomb that could have hurt people. In such a tight space that it is, it could have hurt hundreds of people. The security guards who were all off duty NY police, did a great job of handling the situation. The police are charging him with 5 counts of something so far, including attempted homicide.Peoples first speculation was that he was the splasher, so far there are no reasons to say that he is, or even part of the splasher crew.  Just recently there have been reports of the splasher going over current Shepard Fairey works in New York. My speculation is that he and his buddy made, or tried to make a smoke bomb. But what they made was a real bomb that could have hurt and maybe killed somebody. Maybe he just hated Shepards work and tried to burn it all up. burn up maybe six months of work that he has put into his work.