The government is scared of it citizens

The government is scared of it citizens

One of the best lines in Michael Moores new movie, “Sicko.” Why does the government do this? Well because the government is scared of its citizens. As it should be.

When will American citizens rise up and take a stand for what is happening to them? I always say, well after everyone sees Michael Moore’s latest movie, there going to stand up and do something. More and more people are going to see his movies and want to do something about it. It is a slow process i know, but its how we do it in america i guess.

We don’t stand up for the bad things that are happening to us. How poorly we are being treated. Antonio Villargosa recently signed a bill that pays people more money for leaving there rent control apartments. I only know this because my girlfriend erin’s landlord has tried unsuccessfully to kick her out of her current residence. She will get around 10,000 for relocation fee’s. If they are going to build a condo or tear down her apt, then she will get 17,000 dollars.

Oprah, lrhb everyone who has seen this movie, “Sicko” so far. Will all say the same thing, that it is one of the best movies that everyone needs to go see. I can’t believe what is happening in this world, I can’t believe what is happening in North America.

Sicko comes out in theaters on June 29th.