Month: August 2005

  • Prison Break on FOX

    I shouldn't have done it, the commercials for prison break seemed cool. I wasn't going to do it, im not usually home at 8 o clock to watch TV. I am usually out, or not aroudn a TV or watching a movie on tbs or i am at the derby watching stripping. I enjoy TV […]

  • the Death of Martial Artists?

    With the release of Transporter 2 soon, it makes me think of the death of martial artists in movies these days. Just about anybody can become a kung foo fighter in movies. Jason Statham nor was Matt Damon the first to ever pretend to be action stars. Is it cheper to just hire some actor […]

  • Myspace Vs. Friendster

    So friendster has added a new feature, the ability to upload 25 pictures! I don’t know how friendster is ever going to recover against myspace. Especially since myspace has been bought by FOX. The only way that i can think of a way for friendster to recover, is for google to buy friendster. This is […]

  • Cinespace August 24 2005

  • Standard Downtown