the Death of Martial Artists?

With the release of Transporter 2 soon, it makes me think of the death of martial artists in movies these days. Just about anybody can become a kung foo fighter in movies. Jason Statham nor was Matt Damon the first to ever pretend to be action stars. Is it cheper to just hire some actor and make them into an action star? They just come out of the bat knowing how to do kung foo or whatever. A lot of work goes into the filming and pre-production for these movies. I do not doubt this. I just don't know whos idea it was to make them do martial arts as there fighting technique. They look like robots doing it, There not smooth like a Jackie Chan or a Jett Lee. They look like white people trying to do it and they just learned how to do it five seconds ago. I like the movie tranporter and i will probably likie transporter 2, but it just ain't the same.