Prison Break on FOX

I shouldn't have done it, the commercials for prison break seemed cool. I wasn't going to do it, im not usually home at 8 o clock to watch TV. I am usually out, or not aroudn a TV or watching a movie on tbs or i am at the derby watching stripping.

I enjoy TV shows like the shield, rescue me, 24 and pretyt much anythiing on HBO. I only religiously watch shows on HBO. I really enjoy 24, but i wait to watch the whole show in one go. I did this with Lost also, i waited till i could get the whole show, then watched it one weekend.

I accidentaly watched prison break, and shit i enjoyed it. I love the idea of the show where a guy gets put into jail, just so he can break his brother out of jail. Im just going to say when i was convinced. When he takes off his shirt and shows the tatoo/map all over his body. I was sold.

But i am going to forget about the show and not watch it on the tv. I dispise commercials so much that i will never watch it again.