Its the new pink

Do your friends dress like you? Do you dress like everyone in your group? Do you feel that you have to wear the same type of clothes when hanging around your friends? Do you shop with your friends and tend to by the same things?

I don’t know how this happens, but i notice that in a group of friends, they mostly dress alike. In my adventure yesterday at the grove i noticed that withing the groups of girls, They all dressed alike. Is it the new pink to dress like your friend? Or even friends? I know that when i was in high school, most of my friends dressed alike. We were all skaters, so we all had skater shoes and skater pants and skater shirts. But we never ever had the same clothes. I saw girls at the grove wearing the same things, like they were trying to match. Is it the new pink to have a human accessory? Like girls like to dress up there dogs to match there outfit.

Dressing like everyone else is the new orange i guess.


At the grove

I went shopping today at the frontiest target in all the world. I have probably posted this before, but i am to lazy to search now. But the Target on La brea and whatever. Its like a whole scene there, i don’t know what is more fronty, the grove or the target. Now i am at the grove in the apple store, posting this because i have nothing else to do. Happy memorial Day, go drink!

Update: For some reason when you go to the grove you have to dress up. I have been there with a few girls and they have to get themselves ready to go there. Even though we are just walking from the car to the movie theatre. I say, “were just going to the movie theatre!.” My friend replies, “but were going to the grove.” Has the grove turned into a scene to be scene. I have seen a few famous people there, but nothing out of the ordinary in Los Angeles. Its a scene to be seen at the grove. You have to be holding 4 bags from different stores, you have to have your huge glasses on and you can’t be by yourself. How ungodly.


I can shop at 118 now!

I probably drive by 118 every day, monday throught friday. The first store was at 1118 balboa in northridge, CA. It was right off of the 118 freeway. It opened up when i was in high school around 1995? Just a guess. But i hated everyone who worked there, i hated everyone who went there. The chicks were hot there, at valley skate and surf there was no chicks at all. But i prefered shopping at valley skate and surf, because it was family owned and family operated. Well today i decide that i would make my yearly trip to 118 and see whats going on there. Well it is no longer 118 boardshop anymore! Chaos II! On the 118 website it just shows the new store of of hollywood and highland. I Can totally shop at Chaos II now! Even though i can, i probably will never buy anything there. It is still 118 to me.


A musical baton

Total volume of music files on my computer:
Total: 300 Gb

The last CD I bought:
I don’t download cd’s anymore. They are purchased online or given to me. I am going to guess that the last CD i bought was, More Adventurous by Rilo Kiley.

Song playing right now:
Things i Don’t Understand by Coldplay. Off the new X&Y CD.

Five songs I listen to a lot, or mean a lot to me:

* Bloc Party – Banquet
* Bright Eyes – First Day of My Life
* Cat Power – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
* !!! – Out Hud
* The Clash – Police & Thieves


Converted to WordPress

I converted my blog to wordpress, only for the nerdiest reasons. I am not going to get into it right now, i just want to say that i like how Darth Maul dies in The Phantom Menace. I have heard people complain that he died to easily. Just like that bam, he dies. Thats the way it should be, we have been to worked into huge fights with a huge finale. More later about wordpress, it doesn’t work with ecto so far. But it doesn’t matter, i like it…..