At the grove

I went shopping today at the frontiest target in all the world. I have probably posted this before, but i am to lazy to search now. But the Target on La brea and whatever. Its like a whole scene there, i don’t know what is more fronty, the grove or the target. Now i am at the grove in the apple store, posting this because i have nothing else to do. Happy memorial Day, go drink!

Update: For some reason when you go to the grove you have to dress up. I have been there with a few girls and they have to get themselves ready to go there. Even though we are just walking from the car to the movie theatre. I say, “were just going to the movie theatre!.” My friend replies, “but were going to the grove.” Has the grove turned into a scene to be scene. I have seen a few famous people there, but nothing out of the ordinary in Los Angeles. Its a scene to be seen at the grove. You have to be holding 4 bags from different stores, you have to have your huge glasses on and you can’t be by yourself. How ungodly.