I can shop at 118 now!

I probably drive by 118 every day, monday throught friday. The first store was at 1118 balboa in northridge, CA. It was right off of the 118 freeway. It opened up when i was in high school around 1995? Just a guess. But i hated everyone who worked there, i hated everyone who went there. The chicks were hot there, at valley skate and surf there was no chicks at all. But i prefered shopping at valley skate and surf, because it was family owned and family operated. Well today i decide that i would make my yearly trip to 118 and see whats going on there. Well it is no longer 118 boardshop anymore! Chaos II! On the 118 website it just shows the new store of of hollywood and highland. I Can totally shop at Chaos II now! Even though i can, i probably will never buy anything there. It is still 118 to me.