Will the internet kill magazines?

I read a macworld today, probably the first macworld i have read in 3 years. I dispised it so much, well i don’t think i ever liked macworld. For most of my life i have been on the internet. I found out all about the new macintosh, or a new program on the internet. The reviews in macworld are so old, computers news happens the second it gets found out. It gets posted on the internet somewhere and people spread the news. The next day its old news, the next month your saying wow i knew about this years ago.

I guess computer magazines are for people who don’t go on the internet. Who like to pay for there information. The best way to get information on the apple computer right now is to just go to Digg / Apple. You will get articles about stuff that you didn’t even want to know about the mac. And then if you want up to the date apple news digg for them at Digg / Digg for Apple stories. Now i just saved you some money how about you submit those four bucks to my campaign?






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