Watching Almost Famous

I have been watching Almost Famous over and over again recently. Its a habit that i need to break soon. My most favorite part comes after william tells the band that they made the cover of Rolling Stone. After the Gf says, “who’s that girl, she is freaking me out?,” and everyone replies “She’s with me.” There is no talking at all for a minute or so, but so much happens in that minute. The look that everyone gives each other, you can tell what’s going on. No talking at all, but so much is happening in the scene. Then william chases after the girl, who he can never have. He doesn’t know it yet, but we all know it.

My second favorite scene is when they get off of the airplane and there walking down the hall. Another no talking scene. But so much is said in it. Scenes like that, Scenes that are boring are my most favorite scenes.

I love this movie, its a great movie about growing up and becoming a man. Realizing certain things about life that can’t be thought to you. But the best line ever is “We are uncool, women will always be problems with guys like us.” Fucking great.