Walking on the train tracks is illegal

Tresspass - Violation Warning I was in pacoima the other day when i thought it would be interesting to walk a bit on the train tracks. I was only going to walk on the tracks for maybe 30 feet. I wasn’t even paying attention at all, i had my headphones on and my ipod playing. I just stepped on the tracks for a second when i see this sheriff’s car pull up next to me. I can hear him on the loud speaker, “Hey Stop!” But i pretend that my music is so loud that i can’t hear him. He then gets out of his car and runs over to me, and yells at me to stop. I then stop and he asks me to step over to his vehicle and he tells me that i was trespassing and didn’t i see the signs? I say, no i didn’t see the signs, look there all gratified over with. I then say that i thought that it would be safer to walk on the train tracks since there is no sidewalk on this side of the road. He definitely doesn’t like this and asks for some identification. He goes and runs my ID, and begins to write on something, which i hope wasn’t going to be a ticket. He replies with a, I could write you a ticket and you could spend six months in jail, I was going to be nice and write you a warning ticket, but if you keep this up i am going to change it. I don’t want you to think that i was being nice in any way, I don’t have a lot of experience with cops, but i do have more experience than most people. As i would get stopped many times for skateboarding, and my car used to look like a race car.

Here it is for future reference. In Los Angeles, it is illegal to walk on the train tracks.