Top ten things I learned in New York City

10. The subway is hard to understand at first. But after a few mistakes, you will get to know how to use it.

9. Get a map. Get one that will fit in your pocket. Your going to use it. Yes maps are for pussies, but its going to help you.

8. People in New York city don’t know whats going on either. Find out yourself.

7. There are a lof of shoe joints in New York City. Stay awak from all of them.

6. It is expensive in New York.

5. There is not free internet all over New York, but you can find it somewhere.

4. Know before you go, find out where the shoe stores are before you get on the plane.

3. You can’t get into studio 54, don’t even try.

2. New York is a lot of fun.

1. Don’t compare New York to LA. Because it all comes down to transportation.