They found my car

I have actually had my car for about two weeks now. But i got a call one night and they said that they found my car. They said that the rear right window was gone, The stereo was gone, the battery was gone and the two rear speakers were gone. The next day we went to go pick it up, i already bought a new battery and i brought that along. When we got there it took like 20 minutes to find out that we have to go to the other lot. We look at the car and its midding the whole rear window. And aparantly they had tried to remove the front window also. The windshield wipers were in the back seat. We went back to the office to pay for the car and that took about 2 hours. There were three people in front of us and it just took forever. It took us 3 minutes to get out of there, once we were at the front. We went back to get the car, put the battery in it and started it up. Everything worked fine, but of course it was on empty. Everything was missing in the car. The only things they left were an Obey hat, a pair of white sunglasses and a Book, “Not for Tourists” Los Angeles edition. You can check out the pictures of my car at Stolen Car Gallery.