the Order to Watch Star Wars

I was watching Kill Bill Version One today, and i was thinking about watching Version Two before watching One. I love the ending more in one than i do in two and i feel that i would be fullfilled more by doing this. They were both slow in parts, but i feel that one was a more complete movie as a whole. Well this got me thinking….When i have kids or Grand kids or whatever, How would i show them star wars? So i came up with….

Star Wars is a much better movie watching it out of order. Some of the things in the later episodes mean more. The whole trilogy stands on the fact that Darth Vader is lukes father. That makes the movie ten times more interesting. After you go through all of lukes troubles and tribulations its good to watch how his dad went throught the same things. But how his father chose a different path to follow.

This seems way more interesting for me to follow than watching the whole star wars in order. The first three episodes are pretty boring. And the last three are great. But the Third episode is a great episode to end with.

hey kiddo