Peter Bjorn & John at Dance Right

For those of you who don’t know I work the door at Dance Right. Dance Right is a club started by my friend MFG and my other friend Obey Giant. I was asked to work the door a long time ago right when the lines started to form outside. Which was probably after a month of us being at La Cita.  Blah Blah Blah… to make a long story short.

Last night was probably the craziest nights of Dance Right ever. We turned more people away and the line always went to the Taco Stand.

Highlights of the night included:

Bjorn coming to the door and saying, “Hi im Bjorn i think i am on the list.”

Someone at Barracuda promising Dan and I, a bag at Barracuda for there sample sale this weekend (Yeah Right).

“Yeah I know matt, he told me to come tonight.” Well he just walked right by you right now, how come you didn’t say hello, or he didn’t say hello to you?

“Do you take Pesos?”

“Im friends with Pat.” I don’t even think I know anyone named Pat.

Lowlights included:

Not letting in the bachelor party because the fire marshal showed up. Sorry Ben’s friends.

Lastly, I don’t care if you are a girl. I wait in lines for places, and i hate it when a girl gets in before me, just because she is a girl. I am going to let that guy who has been waiting for 30 minutes at the front and looking at me the whole time before i let any girl in. The trick is to befriend the door guy, because thats how your not going to wait in line again. If you make an enemy of him, he is going to remember you, especially when you get let in and you come out and ask if you can get her friend in.

I only saw Brother Reades second and third song. They are awesome and i enjoy watching them. It is fun to see Jimmy up on that little stage. I didn’t hear or see Bjorn DJ, but i know the truth, Celebrity DJ’s suck.

If you want a good time come to Dance Right next Thursday. Everyone always has a good time when they come.