People Hate Me

I don’t really know why, but i find that a lot of people do not like me. At my old job (technical support), i got a few letters of hate. Read the rest of the entry to see them.

I have removed or changed some of the names, Everything else is exaclty how it was typed up and left on my desk.

When i revieced this note, Everything was already fixed, so all i had to do was sent a note back saying, problems 1-3 are done. She just hadn’t checked to see if i had done any of this.

November 4, 2004
To: Weston
From: (name removed), Rm 54
cc: (Magnet Computer Teacher, Magnet Coordinator, Priniciple)

There are three things I need to have done in my room regarding the five computers and Epson printer.

1. (Magnet Computer Teacher) provided a new e-Mac to me for my front desk. It has been there from the date when the first grades were due. The gradebook needs to be trasferred over to it and the old machine moved to the back group corner. I believe that there should be a drop spot established on the network for me to put the data, but it has never been done (either this year or last). I don’t know if the actual program has ever been put onto the e-Mac either. I tried to find where (Magnet Computer Teacher) said to park the data onto her room’s space, but couldn’t bring it up.

2. The Epson printer. It is sitting in the back corner. As far as i can tekk, it is no longer on the chooser of the computer I’m using. It was last year. At one point, because there were so many problems with it working intermittently, I started to print over to the Media Lab. That is very problematic this year, as I have to time even to walk over to get the papers since I’m teaching all six periods. I need to have the Epson funcional in my room. It it not on the chooser and must be put there.

3. About two weeks into the school year, (Magnet Computer Teacher) asked how many computers I’d ideally like to have as a center in my room. Since i had taught at a computer-based school i teh past, I asked for at least four to go into the corner space (all that can fit when i had a very large class). These computers were to be put onto the internet which is already installed in my room. I’ve asked orally several times. I asked (Magnet Computer Teacher) several weeks ago, and you came by briefly so I though something was finally happening. I realize that there has been other priorities this fall, but I would like to ask that my room rise to the top of the list soon. Please give me a specific date by which time you can do the work that needs to be done in my room. At this point, there are thousand of dollars of technology equipment that is not utilized. With the media lab also down, I’ve not been able to do any of the internet projects that I could otherwise schedule. It would at least be helpful if some of my students could be accessing the internet in a resource center inside my room.