My the Hundreds PAPARAZZI BACKPACK Came Broken

I was looking for a day bag that could hold my camera, a lens, some various camera supplies, my laptop and an extra pair of clothes. I think i saw it on hypbeast or something, but they did a post about the the Hundreds PAPARAZZI BACKPACK. It was exactly what I needed, but it has been sold out ever since I first saw it, until recently.

So here I go and buy it and it gets shipped to my house broken. So instead of complaining, I try and fix it myself. As you can see below, it is clearly broken.



I took these at work, don’t mind the one of a kind banksy piece behind it. They are in stock now, you can buy it here.

2 responses to “My the Hundreds PAPARAZZI BACKPACK Came Broken”

  1. I was about to say…”wtf you have a banksy just chilling on yr wall? i’m gunna rob u lolz.” I think it would be a little harder to rob your office. I’m gonna start working on it now.