My car got stolen Part II

So as it goes i lost my car and everything in it. If you want to read what was lost in my car go ahead and continue reading this entry. This is the story of how everything in my car, and my car got stolen.

On a sunday afternoon, i was waiting for my friend to call me to tell me about this barbeque that his brother was having. I get the directions and head on over there, and without thinking for some reason i grab my backpack with my apple ibook in it and put that in the trunk. If you know me, i of course, had my ipod with me. When i go driving, or when i go anywhere by that matter, i also have my ipod with me. I haven’t been without my ipod since i got it. So right there two things that are worth more than the car itself. (Side story: Since it was sunday, i had decided that i would backup all my files on my home computer onto the laptop to take to work. And burn to dvd. Thank god i didn’t delete the files from my home computer.)

So i spend a few hours at the barbeque in santa monica. It was a great time, thanks lil flo. I don’t know how they did it, but they had the best fucking meat there. It was all fatty, but it melted in my mouth. We played a bit of monkey ball, and i called my friend to see if she want edto watch 2046. it was about 11 o clock at night, that i head on over to my friends house to watch a movie.

It is pretty unusuall that i park as close as i did to her apartment. I usually have to park a block or two away whenever i go and visit her. But i pretty much parked on her block. I left my computer in the backpack in the trunk of the car. But, i unplugged my ipod and put that in the back of my car also. I was only going to be staying for an hour or so, so i didn’t think i needed to bring it with me. We didn’t get to watch the movie, but we got into an in depth discussion about why nader sholdn’t run for president.

Two hours later, i walk back to where i parked my car. I took out my keys and looked at where my car shold have been. I did a double take, is that my car behind that car? Nope, not even close. Wait, did i park it down the street? Nope, i remember i got this boss parking spot right close. Oh shit my car got stolen. I take a couple of steps and look around, and think really hard about where i parked. I call up my friend and tell her that my car has been stolen, and ask if i can sleep over. I actually walk around the block for, i don’t know how long, i just walk and walk. She calls me i don’t know how long later and says, how far away did you park? I laugh. So i remember that she has work in the morning and i don’t want to ruin her sleep also. So i head over to her house and try to get some sleep.

I couldn’t get much sleep, i just laid there on my back look at her stucko cieling. I had forgot that i had called pam that night and told her, so i guess when she woke up she called me and told me all the important information for my car. License plate number, vin number, make, model, year and my insurance companies phone number. I called the police and found out that i had to go to the station to report my car stolen. I asked my friend to drop me off at the police station and i would find my way home. I know that she had work, so i didn’t want to bother her.

The police station took a few minutes and i began to walk up venice. I called my work and said that i wasn’t going to be able to come into work today, as my car was stolen. They asked me a few questions about my car at the police station. Any distinguishable marks? Gas Cap Lock? Some stupid questions i must say. They did ask me if i knew who stole it. I hadn’t a clue. Then i went up the street and walked up pico towards fairfax. The police station was on La Brea and Venice, i walked a few hours to my other friends house who lives on fairfax and olympic. It was around 9 o clock and i figured that she sohuld be up by that time. So i called her to see if she could take me home, she said yes and aksed where i was. I told her i would be at her house in 5 minutes as i was right around the corner. I had to walk to get things out of my mind, I had to walk to get things off of my mind, I had to walk to just walk.

She drove me home and the first thing i did was take a bath and get some sleep. I thought about all the things that were in my car and i shed a tear. Its weird what you remember most from certain things that were stolen from my car.

Things that were in my car that were stolen:

Apple iBook

Apple Laptop (yosemite)

Apple iPod

Belkin FM transmitter

DVS Skate Shoes

Tan Blazer with “the ettes” pin

3 Pair of awesome sunglasses

7 for Mankind Jeans

Abercrombie & Fitch Green and Pink stripped Polo

Its the saddest thing in the world for me right now. Thats it.