Movies that shouldn’t give away the ending

The best movies are the one that suprise you. When your not paying attention, BAM….SUPRISE! And i am not talking about suprise movies like The Six Sense or Oldboy. But maybe i am, because they could have easily given away the endings in a trailer. But the way the movies were marketed. If the trailers were different would the movies have been such a big success?

Two movies come to mind for me, Truman Show and Red Eye. These would have been better movies have i not seen the trailers. I would have loved and payed more attention to the story. The trailers ruined the movie, and i am sure that people thought that way. Why watch the movie when i can just watch the trailer. Or how many times has teh trailer had the funniest parts of the movie. At least 98 percent of the comedies that came out within the last four years.

I also think that it is that people don’t want to be suprised anymore. People like to know how movies end. As the success of Titanic and the rest of the movies in that genre. People like to know the ending and they like to know how movies go along. Hence trailers, because they want to know what the movie is about. And it turned out that people want to know how the whole movie is.

What are some good trailers? Are the movies as good as the trailers? Do the good movies have terrible trailers? WHat makes a good trailer?