iPod Photo

Yeah so i broke down, well not actually broke down. But i went to the apple store, demanded that they retrieve a 30 gig iPod Photo. The guy asked me if i wanted any other accessories, i replied, 30 gig iPod Photo. Do you want any…..30 gig iPod Photo. So after a whole two minutes of me being in the store and not having an iPod. it finally was in front of me, i paid and walked out the store. I had school so i wasn't able to play with it until i got home. But i left school early and plugged it in, the first thing i did was figure out how to change the icons. I changed the Do not disconnect icon to this one here. My life has changed, the iPod has changed my life. Go buy one now, there totally awesome. Read more for what else i have done to my iPod.

Since it is the color iPod, i changed the Disconnect icon to the jesus icon. I tried changing the text so it would say jesus says no, I think i will change it so the check mark is jesus, and the disconnect mark is the devil. And the devil tempting me to disconnect the ipod without doing it properly. I have found out that having the iPod automatically update itself is the way to do it. I am just going to put a mac and a pc version of a program that can take songs off of the ipod, And listen to them also. I used this option because i want to listen to every song i own, and have it talk back to itunes that i listened to the song. Without it doing it automatically it won't do this for me. I have not installed an OS on it yet, but i have only had the ipod for a day. I am going to install diskwarrior and iDefrag on to the ipod as well as Panther (10.3). It automatically syncs my photos with the ipod, but only with my laptop, so i am going to just put all my pictures on the iPod. and just use the pictures from my laptop. I am going to be doing the same thing with the mp3s also, only use my laptop as the main computer. It is going to make my life a little harder, but thats how it has to be.

anyways, apple i love you.