Indecent Proposal Review

The movie indecent proposal reminds me of the movies of the past. The way that it is shot, The angles, The Long shots. The cast in the movie are great, and i do like how he gets the girl back in the end. That probably doesn't happen in real life, but its good for the movies. I like how when he is down in the dumps he goes and becomes a teacher. But it doesn't seem right to him, he tries to complete himself with work. But he finds out that what completes him is his Demi Moore.

There are a couple of great scenes in that movie that i just love to death. The scene where he is playing with the toy hippo, and the dog gets scared of the hippo, and that brings back a memory of the time that they went to the zoo. A couple of scenes after that when he is laying on the couch looking at his building that he made. The final scene is a great scene also, when they are sitting on the other side of the bench.

I like this movie, because its about a love that was let go. Then found its way back again. Everyone wishes that could happen to them. The ability to let your love go, and then have them actually come back to you. Genius.

"Even a brick wants to be something" – Louis Kahn