How to pick the best card!

I have a great system about how to pick cards for special occasions. I have a 100 percent sucess rate of picking out cards. My system of picking out a card is knowing who the card is for and then picking a card that looks right based on that person. I read the card in line for checkout. I have not once went back for another card. Based on the person i pick a card that is tall or wide, or has flair, and color.

I pick the color of the card based on what i think that persons favorite color is. If the card is for a girl, i go with pink, purple. If it is a guy i go with blue or darker colors.

I pick the hieght and width of the card based on how tall the person is. Some people have told me that this doesn’t matter. But the width and height of the card can give you a wrong impression to the person. I like to pick tall cards for short people and wider cards for tall people.

I usually give flair cards to girls, Girls like flair. Guys don’t care much for flair. Girls like shiney and things coming off of the card.

Lastly the comedy of the card. I don’t much care for the comedy of the card, most cards are funny so you have nothing to worry about here. If your trying to pick a more serious card, then you need to pay more attention to this. But i don’t worry at all about the words inside.

Now remember these tips and you can be a card choosing pro like me. Or you can hire me to pick out a card for you. I charge 50 dollars per card, and traveling expenses.