Found Notes Part Two

I barely ever find any notes in my room. I always find School notebooks, School books, Pens, Blank papers. But never do i find notes that were written for kids. It is obviously because they care more for the notes than they do School work. This was school work, but it was to write a poem. I think i am going to scan them in also, but here is one written down.

I Am Poem

I am stupid and dumb

I wonder how big the universe is

I hear water fall

I see waves crashing against the shore

I pretend to be serene and col

I feel the coolness of the summer months

I touch flowing river

I cried when i was a baby

I am stupid and dumb

I understand the laws of physics

I say I am stupid

I dream about school

I try to get good grades

I hope to get a great career

I am stupid and dumb

This was written by a kid at my work. He doesn’t know i stole this, but its his fault he left it. It was written for an ESL (English as Second Language) class. Kids are so awesome.