Found Letters

This was a letter that i had to print out for a student. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Dear mom and dad,

I am declaring indipendence from youtwo. I apreciat the things you do for me and every thing but I just don’t like the way you guys are running things.I will go live with my godmother in chicago. I will get a job over there and will try to go to school. the reason why i want to declare indipendence from you guys is becouse you don’t let me go places with my friends any more for the dumest reasons.and some tomes I feel like you just want to make my life a boring likeing hell.But anyways I also want to declare it because you always let my little brother off the hook when he ges in realy big trouble. you always make me do his bed when he hes handsd and feet to do it him self. you always want me washing his dishes.And always treat me as my littl.e brohers slave. I have to cook for him when your not home. I have to wash his dishes , do his bed, clean his room , do his dirty laundry, pick up his mess, and other things that are so borin g that he could do. I always have to take the trash out and ever y thing like that.

Well as you can see I am tired of this and you have pushed me far enough to declare indipendance from you. But just because I am declareing indipendance from you that does not meen that I don’t love you.I love you so much and I thank you for giving me a roof on top of my head. thank you for makeing me tamales when I felt like eating them. Thank you for all the things you do for me. But I am not declareing indipendance from you because I don’t care about the things you do for me. I am declareong indipendance from you because your to over protective with me. I know you want me to be safe but you have to under stand I can take care of my self. But I could use some money to get t to chicago because I can’t get there by foot.But if you don’t want to give me money for the last time then thats ok I would under stand.

For me I will go to school in the day and I ‘ll probly work at Carol’s Jr. or something like that but hey I’ll have a job to pay rent. Even though I won’t have enough money to also bye food. I could live on food stamps.But since my god mother loves me so much she could give me food.Or every now and then she will probly give me money. And you better not tell her not to give me money!Because if you do I will not go back to california with you ever again!And now I don’t have to be worryong about your wippings!Or yells since your always yelling at me for no reason.Its like if I am in the living room and your in the kitchen you yell at me because I don’t help you?Hoew am I going to help you if you don’t even tell me to! BUT what ever I don’t have to worry about that any


But since your my parents and you deserve respect I take that back. Also because you can come any time you please to give me a big huge wipping.