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Google Search History

I use google on average about 16 times a day. This isn’t like most people, but i use it a lot. Whenever i have a question, often google can answer it for me. Sometimes google can’t answer my questions, and my questions never get answered. Thankfully google keeps a record of what i search for and i can just go back in history and find that link. If you have it enabled you can check out your own search history at www.google.com/searchhistory/. Below is some of the things that i search for and my search Stats. I wish there was an easier way to do this.

Top searches
1. pirate bay
2. falbum
3. mypress
4. lrhb
5. how much is your blog worth
6. amx_bank
7. obey sale
8. poil11
9. hype machine
10. ecto

Top sites
1. westondeboer.com
2. trackerwww.prq.to
3. www.randombyte.net
4. www.thenullpointer.net
5. wordpress.org
6. www.business-opportunities.biz
7. www.dslreports.com
8. www.amxmodx.org
9. thepiratebay.org
10. youawake.com

Top clicks
1. http://trackerwww.prq.to/
2. FAlbum – WordPress Flickr Plugin at RandomByte
3. http://www.thenullpointer.net/wordpress/scripts/myspacepress
4. Business Opportunities Weblog | How Much Is My Blog Worth
5. The Pirate Bay – The worlds largest BitTorrent tracker
6. http://www.amxmodx.org/forums/viewtopic.php?p=75262
7. Today’s Blog Music / The Hype Machine – latest from the finest mp3 …
8. ecto
9. del.icio.us
10. Mammoth Mountain – Official Resort Website

I don’t bookmark sites that often, I just put in a search term in google and i hope that google will take me to the site that i want to go. And below google is telling me that other people who are searching for the same thing, are searching for these things. I won’t be searching for any of this stuff, but it just seems interesting what google thinks of me.

Top gaining queries related to your searches:
1. independent spirit awards
2. front row enabler
3. empires mod
4. acid2 test
5. writely
6. zend framework
7. red orchestra ostfront
8. pac 10 tournament
9. rocket arena 4
10. battlefield patch

Here is the graphs that says how much i am googling. I do not know how long this is based on, but i am guessing about a year. And based on the Daily Search Activity i do more googling on the weekdays, and less googleing on the weekends.

Monthly Search Activity

This is the graph which shows at what time of day i do the most of my googling. I have done zero googling at five o clock in the morning. How did this happen? I am going to change this today so no worries about that zero. I don’t want google thinking that i am not using there search engine to its full potential.

Hourly Search Activity

I wish that there was a way to display these stats more efficiently, but this will have to do for now.