Dim Mak in Latimes

I grabbed last thursdays Calender Live section to take to the shitter. Just for a little reading while i take the worst dump of my life. I think that when you get older the shits get worse and worse. I had never had a problem with smell or anything, but this was the first time in my life where it was a problem. But i open it up and turn the page and there is an article about Dim Mak.

Dim Mak (Steve Aoki) has a following, I follow him wherever he plays. I won’t admit this in person, but i will here. I do enjoy the music that he plays, He plays real random music to M.I.A. to anything. I also do enjoy dancing to his music, I won’t admit this in person either. Dim Mak also knows the secret to playing good dance music, Get the girls booty shaking. I know it seems like an easy thing to accomplish, but its hard to get the girls booty shaking for a couple of hours. I have heard Dim Mak put on some great songs that nobody will dance to and then he will pull that song and put on the new Kanye West track, booty shaking.

I do like going to the Dim Mak parties, not because i know people there, but because i know that the people there like the same things that i do. The people that go there have the same interests. Well some of us at least.

Well if your in Los Angeles and have nothing else to do on a Tuesday night check out Dim Maks event at Cinespace. On thursdays nights is Loose Tooth at Josephs. And be sure to read the interview with Steve Aoki. It is a well worth the time read to find out about the man behind the decks and the label.