Dane Cook Sucks

I was looking forward to Dane Cook’s new show “Tourgasm”. I was excited enough that i would watch entourage first and then watch the dane cook show. As i would be laughing so much i couldn’t watch anything else. But after watching the Dane Cook show, my girlfriend asked if we wanted to watch entourage again.

The show basically follows four comedians as they do the tourgasm road trip. Going to some off 20 shows in 30 days across america. I don’t know the exact specifics of this show, but who cares. So it just follows comedians around as they try there hardest to be funny around each other. I guess i have a problem in the sense that i don’t even like comedy all that much, or comedians. Having been around comedians a few times, i know that they are always “on” and its terrible. And watching this show, just reminds me of how much i hate comedians.

Now i look back on it all, and i can say that the commercials for the show are not funny either. Just with the Dan Cook name attached to it, i just assumed that it would be all hilarity.

The show is for people who don’t know who Dane Cook is, I guess there is a lot of people out there who don’t know who he is. If you are a Dan Cook fan, i wouldn’t watch the show, it is terrible.

I am not going to put a picture up or link to anything, I have so much hate.

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