Category: Advertising

  • Fading Ad’s

      One of my most favorite things about Downtown Los Angeles is the Fading advertising. You know when you look up and see an old sign for Sears downtown. When there hasn’t been a sears in downtown in centuries. Here are a couple of websites devoted to the dying art of fading advertising: […]

  • Ever Wanted Night Vision Mode for your mac?

    If you thought damn, im not going to buy a mac because it doesn’t have night vision mode. Well now you can! Thank to Nocturne you can have night vision mode. Good for those times when you need, yea….

  • Salvador Dalí TV commercials

    Did you know that Salvador Dalí did a few comercials? How come all the crazies get to be in commercials? My theory is that thats the only way that they are going to get you to watcha commercial. Paris Hilton and her hamburger commercial. George Orwell and his pee commercial. Check out his commercials on […]

  • AUDI’s DVR Friendly Ads

    While watching lost, audi had the best idea. Make some DVR friendly ads, where you go back and watch it again. Or try to watch it again, in slow motion. Frame by frame. You can watch these dvr friendly commercials here.

  • I got Joost Invites

    Who wants em? Just use the contact form at the top and I will send you one.