Category: Advertising

  • Today is free squishee DAY

    Today at 7-11 you can get a free squishee!

  • Best Nike Ad EVER

  • Is Paris Hilton going to jail a celebrity stunt?

    Paris Hilton has tried everything to become a good girl. She has had her own tv show to show how real she is. She wrote a book about her life. She went on Oprah to tell her how nice she is. Her family and friends have spoken out about what a great person she is.…

  • Sold Out

    I don’t wanna even hear anyone mutter the words, that guy sold out, anymore. How many Helio sponsored walls are going up or are already up right now. Check out the latest helio sponsored wall. Don’t get me wrong, it looks awesome and i am happy that helio is sponsoring these art walls all over…

  • Thats my hand on Jessica Simpson

    I could do a better job at Photoshoping this Jessica Simpson picture. Or i guess the picture was taken before she divorced Kevin Fenderline or whatever his face is called. Picture from: