Anime Plots

okay i will admit it right here and right now, i love anime. It started with Cowboy Bebop, Then it went to Gundam Wing (one of the newer ones). The stories are what grab me into watching them. The inner struggles that the characters go through, it intrigues me so much. I have watched all of these animes, cowboy bebop, my hime, initial d, get backers. I am currently watching initial d 4th stage, Samurai Champoo, Bleach, Prince of tennis and Naruto. There have been some other animes that i have forgotten, but those are the ones that stick in my head.

Some people didn't like spiderman two because of his inner struggles to become who he is. I liked Spiderman two way more than i liked spiderman one. This is one of the main qualities in japanese anime. The character has this power, and he has no idea what to do with it. Should he use his power for good, or should he go bad. The characters usually go for the good side, but it takes they a long time to figure out that they are on the good side. The better animes are like that, the inner struggle.