Best WordPress Plugins

I enjoy wordpress, i enjoy how the plugins work, i enjoy how easy it is to install. Everything about it pleases me very much. There is a lot of plugins out
there for wordpress, but the best plugins that i use and that you should use on your blog are:

Ajax Spell Checker
: Spell checks what you type and spell checks users comments. I wish i could disable the spell checking on users comments, only because it doesn’t look good.

akismet: Comment spam remover, works very well.

: Displays a list of songs that i have listened to in itunes. Very customizable and very easy.

Falbum: mobloging at its finest. The ability to show flickr pictures in wordpress. Integrates very well into wordpress templates.

Google Analytics: Plugin that inserts the google anaytic code to show on all wordpress pages. Best stat program ever.

Mindpress: Cross post plugin for

Mypress: Cross post plugin for

Feedburner Feed Replacement: replaces your feed links to feedburner links. Where you can get more stats in who is looking at your feeds.

Google Sitemaps: Helps google understand what your site is about. And can incresae your page rankings.

WordPress Database Backup: Because you never know when your database will go down. Get a backup of it, just in case.

: Integrates the gallery into wordpress. I don’t use it very often, but its just good to have just in case. Since now i am using flickr a little bit more.

: Integrates your posts into ical events that users can subscribe to. Works very well, and i like it a lot.