Sky Bar, Mars Volta, Cinderella Man

I did a lot of fun things this weekend. And here is the lowdown! Why? more like, why not.

Erin, Ninja Fizzle, Rosalia and I went to Bar Sky (Sky Bar). For a friends birthday party. I don't like Bar Sky that much, but it was for a birthday party. I like supporting peoples birthday parties, because its where you feel the most loved for some reason. Or its more like if no one shows up for your birthday party you feel sad. It was for a friend who i havn't seen in a long time. Erin and I were early so we walked in to the hotel next to bar sky, Mondrian i think she said? It looked very very nice inside there. We were only in there for a minute when my Ninja called me up and said get to Bar Sky now, were going in. So we rushed over and met up with all the peoople. It took us a whole 2 seconds to get drinks. I like these super fronty places because it doesn't take awhile to get drinks. We were there the whole night, just drinking and shooting the shit. All in all i had a good time, even though i was at Bar Sky.

Saturday: After throwing up once and waking up at 4 o clock. Ninja Fizzle calls me up and invites me to go see Mars Volta at the Greek. I don't like the Greek that much, the sound isn't very good. But Mars Volta were amazing. John Frusciante played the guitar on one song which was awesome. I am guessing that they played only 4 songs which lasted about an hour and a half. It was a great show. After that i was god damn tired and just wanted to go to sleep. Which i did, i went right home and right to sleep.

Sunday: After sleeping in and doing nothing i called up Erin and asked her if she wanted to go see a movie. We went and saw Cinderella Man at the Arc Light. At first i couldn't get into the movie, i wasn't feeling for the characters that much. But when the final boxing scene came on, it was very emotional. I don't know if i was just bored or how it was filmed or whatever. But i was very pleased with the results. I didn't like the flashback scenes of the movie, i thought that they were very contrived. But overall i liked the movie as a whole. It is an all star cast, And i think that All of the actors in the movie should be nominated for oscars, and they probably will be. Paul Giamatti did such a great job, and i hope that he wins an oscar for his role.

Thanks it. Rock. Im going to cinespace on thursday. You should come.