Month: May 2007

  • Peter Bjorn & John at Dance Right

    For those of you who don’t know I work the door at Dance Right. Dance Right is a club started by my friend MFG and my other friend Obey Giant. I was asked to work the door a long time ago right when the lines started to form outside. Which was probably after a month […]

  • Locke is Dead!

    Or not, thanks CNN for ruining all the fun!

  • George Lucas Thinks Spiderman 3 is Silly

    Lucas told me he has seen all the summer movies since his company, Industrial Light and Magic, does most of the special effects. The only one they didn’t work on was “Spider-Man 3.” What did he think of it? “It’s silly. It’s a silly movie,” he said. “There just isn’t much there. Once you take […]

  • Amy Winehouse ft. Jay Z (Remix)

    This is a hot track “Rehab“