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the Merry Karnowsky Gallery

the Merry Karnowsky Gallery
The current exhibit at The Merry Karnowsky Gallery includes a lot of great artwork. I don’t usually look at the art when i go to these art shows. But i looked at a few pieces that they have there, and i was impressed. I did go for the opening, so the Her and Vodka might have swayed me a little bit. Either way, i liked what i saw. I took some pictures at the show that are in the Gallery.


Located at:
Merry Karnowsky Gallery
170 South La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90036
Voice 323.933.4408 Fax 323.935.4406

Current Exhibition includes art by:
becca, Richard Colman, Friendswithyou, Camille rose Garcia, Steven R Gilmore, Alex gross, Shepard Fairey, Dean Karr, Viktor Koen, Dave McKean, Keiti Ota, Kathy Staico Schorr, Todd Schorr, Kent WIlliams, Justin Wood


T-Shirt Party 2006


The Spazmatics

The Spazmatics
The Spazmatics are an 80’s cover band. I had a friend who said that he loved going to the show, but i always just let it go. Until i heard someone else say, ya the spazmatics is fun we should go. So this past sunday we went to the Dragonfly to go see the Spazmatics.

I don’t necessarily ever go to see 80’s cover bands, and i barely ever pay 10 bucks to see anybody. The line was huge at 10:30, but thank god we had friends of friends waiting in line already. Because i saw that line and i wanted to turn around. Thank god we found free parking a block away. The best way to get in is bring a lot of girls and you won’t have to wait in line at all. They asked our group how many people and we said 5. They then said the codeword; two three. My girlfriend looked at me puzzled, two three? two girls three guys, not a good ratio. We actually were two seven, but it would be easier if we split up.

First off before we get inside the club, the bouncers and door men are complete dicks. I have been turned down by the door man at this club before (look at previous posts). So i know i am just going to stand there and wait and be nice. A few minutes pass by and we all go in, pay the ten dollar fee and then get yelled at because i am standing in the way of who knows what, by a bouncer.

Of course when we got inside it was completely empty. There was enough room to just let everyone in at the same time. But for some reason people want to go to places where there is a line. If you don’t know thats what Los Angeles is about.

The Spazmatics don’t go on until midnight, so we had plenty of time to check out the scene. The underage/college scene is what you expect. A lot of drinking and girls puking in the bathroom and people falling down. And expect to get into a lot of fights as this is the scene.

The Spazmatics are great if you like seeing 80’s cover bands. They don’t sing very well and they don’t play there instruments very well. But they make all of that up by just being fun. The crowd was good, just too many drunks trying to start fights.

I have to say that you can figure out a place by the bouncers and doormen. If the bouncers and doormen are nice outside, the inside will be a good atmosphere also.

If you want you can read more and see more video that i took of the show. You can also check out the pictures that i took in the gallery

All i could find is there myspace page at, and they play every sunday in Los Angeles at Dragonfly. I actually don’t recommend that you go see it at all.


Get Mortified

Get Mortified
“Get Mortified stars everyday adults sharing aloud their most embarrassing, pathetic and private teenage diary entries, poems, love letters, lyrics and locker notes… in front of total strangers.”

Thats the best way that i can describe it, from there website. Its a show about laughing at other peoples miseries. What can be wrong with that? I have seen get mortified probably about a year ago, and i loved it the first time i saw it. I had mentioned it to my girlfriend about going to go see it and she loved the idea. I think i thought about it because she had read a letter that someone had given her in high school.

She quickly ordered tickets for the next show once i told her about it. We invited a bunch of friends and got a booth. Everyone at our booth pretty much ordered pizza’s, for some reason none of us believed in the M Bar’s potential as a restaurant.

I have nothing bad to say about the show, it is really funny listening to random peoples diaries or personal experiences. Teen movies do well, because you love being reminded about your own childhood. These diaries don’t remind you of your won life, but it brings backs memories about what you were like. You can’t help not laughing about all of it. The people are real and they get embarrassed and it makes it twice as funny.

After the show i asked my girlfriend if she wanted to read that letter that she read to me, she replied that she didn’t write it, so she couldn’t read it. She then said that i could read it and pretend to be him.

Get Mortified has shows in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The show runs monthly in those cities. In Los Angeles the show is playing at the M Bar on vine. Check out the website at for more information on when the next show is. Tickets for the show are $10 in Los Angeles.

And i wouldn’t recommend going to the Vine Bar afterwards, as we did and it was a private party. And because of that, i hate the Vine Bar. I recommend that you go check this show out the next time it comes around, Its a good laugh. More laughs than you will get at a comedy show thats for sure.::


Gmail Labels, What are they good for

Gmail Labels
I don’t know how many people use gmail, i use it as my primary email. When gmail first came out with there one gig of email allowed. I was pretty excited about all this. They also introduced the idea of searching through your email instead of organizing it with folders. This was a novel idea and i liked the idea a lot. Soon after this Apple introduced the same idea, not organization, just fast search. It was a weird to do this at first, but this is how i work these days. I just search and i don’t do much organizing.

Gmail has something called labels. When i first started using gmail, i loved to label everything. I have 23 labels, I used these labels; Attach (3), erin ballew, Events (119), Forums, Friends, friendster, gmail, gmailswap, irena, Jobs, Login Password, Lrhb, me, music/mp3, Myspace, Seth, Shows, Sowftare, Store/Shop, Unread (144), Warez, Work,youawake (7). All of the labels are pretty self explanatory. Most emails from my friends get labeled Friends, except for irena and erin. Anything that is from amazon, ebay, etc…gets Labeled Store/Shop. I like to keep my gmail inbox looking nice and clean, mainly empty. So i have to label and archive everything.

I used these labels all the time, when i first started out. When i was looking for an email i would click on the labels on the left and it would show what i was looking for. Just like i used to use folders. Up until a few months ago that is. Since google is a search company i figure the best way to find an email is to use the search function. And i have gotten so lazy with my emails that i usually label everything one of five things; Erin, Events, Friends, Jobs and Youawake. The rest of the labels i haven’t used in months. So i have decided to slim down my labels and only keep those five labels. But i have decided to change the name of the events label to Stuff. I will probably just use the stuff label in the future. I use the search function anyways.