The Spazmatics

The Spazmatics
The Spazmatics are an 80’s cover band. I had a friend who said that he loved going to the show, but i always just let it go. Until i heard someone else say, ya the spazmatics is fun we should go. So this past sunday we went to the Dragonfly to go see the Spazmatics.

I don’t necessarily ever go to see 80’s cover bands, and i barely ever pay 10 bucks to see anybody. The line was huge at 10:30, but thank god we had friends of friends waiting in line already. Because i saw that line and i wanted to turn around. Thank god we found free parking a block away. The best way to get in is bring a lot of girls and you won’t have to wait in line at all. They asked our group how many people and we said 5. They then said the codeword; two three. My girlfriend looked at me puzzled, two three? two girls three guys, not a good ratio. We actually were two seven, but it would be easier if we split up.

First off before we get inside the club, the bouncers and door men are complete dicks. I have been turned down by the door man at this club before (look at previous posts). So i know i am just going to stand there and wait and be nice. A few minutes pass by and we all go in, pay the ten dollar fee and then get yelled at because i am standing in the way of who knows what, by a bouncer.

Of course when we got inside it was completely empty. There was enough room to just let everyone in at the same time. But for some reason people want to go to places where there is a line. If you don’t know thats what Los Angeles is about.

The Spazmatics don’t go on until midnight, so we had plenty of time to check out the scene. The underage/college scene is what you expect. A lot of drinking and girls puking in the bathroom and people falling down. And expect to get into a lot of fights as this is the scene.

The Spazmatics are great if you like seeing 80’s cover bands. They don’t sing very well and they don’t play there instruments very well. But they make all of that up by just being fun. The crowd was good, just too many drunks trying to start fights.

I have to say that you can figure out a place by the bouncers and doormen. If the bouncers and doormen are nice outside, the inside will be a good atmosphere also.

If you want you can read more and see more video that i took of the show. You can also check out the pictures that i took in the gallery

All i could find is there myspace page at, and they play every sunday in Los Angeles at Dragonfly. I actually don’t recommend that you go see it at all.