Where do we write it on?

kids ask the funniest questions.

You must answer all the questions.

Where are the questions?

On the paper that i just handed to you.

Where do we write the answers?

On your own piece of paper.

Can i borrow a piece of paper?

Life Movies

Don’t go to the Anime Store

Don't sweat the small stuff. This week has went by fast for me. But this past weekend i found the treasure, down sepulveda past pico, there is this asian cinema dvd store. i saw 2046 in the window, i walked in and bought it immediatlly. The guy working there was like, have you seen fallen angels? nope i replied, i will take that also. I said to him that i don't want to look at anything else, and just want to pay for it. he said i know how you feel and i told him that i hate him. as i was paying i could see a special edition of kung foo hustle, and ran out the store.


Prom/Graduation Dresses

I was so happy today, i went to wendys to get a Frosty Frozen Treat. I got out of my car put my headphones on and took the cap off the cup and was about to dig in. But before i dug in i had to get a napkin, and SPLATT….Frosty Frozen Treat on the floor in the parking lot. I have learned my lesson, never go to wendys again.


Carls Junior Commercials

I just saw the Carls Jr. Commercial where the guy is at what looks like a small town deli. And his waitress drops a piece of bread on the floor and puts it right back on his plate. The next scene he the waitress is cleaning the utensils with her breath. The commercial is saying, why would you want a bad waitress when you can go to carls jr and have one of our disgusting burgers with no waitress at all. Thats why i still go to delis and places like that. The people there are what make it memorable. Screw the fast food places, there not human there. They want to hear you like cows, hurry up and get out of hear. Eat fast so we can heard more people in here.


Indecent Proposal Review

The movie indecent proposal reminds me of the movies of the past. The way that it is shot, The angles, The Long shots. The cast in the movie are great, and i do like how he gets the girl back in the end. That probably doesn't happen in real life, but its good for the movies. I like how when he is down in the dumps he goes and becomes a teacher. But it doesn't seem right to him, he tries to complete himself with work. But he finds out that what completes him is his Demi Moore.

There are a couple of great scenes in that movie that i just love to death. The scene where he is playing with the toy hippo, and the dog gets scared of the hippo, and that brings back a memory of the time that they went to the zoo. A couple of scenes after that when he is laying on the couch looking at his building that he made. The final scene is a great scene also, when they are sitting on the other side of the bench.

I like this movie, because its about a love that was let go. Then found its way back again. Everyone wishes that could happen to them. The ability to let your love go, and then have them actually come back to you. Genius.

"Even a brick wants to be something" – Louis Kahn