My Birthday Pictures

My birthday was on January 19th and it was celebrated at the Chimneysweep on Woodman and Moorepark. I know everyone had a great time, i only got to a point zero eight on the breath analyzer. Not that drunk. Here are the Pictures.


2005 Oscars

Today the 2005 oscar nominations were announced. It is no surprise that Jim Carrey didn’t get nominated for “Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind”. While his counterpart in the movie Kate Winslet got nominated for the same movie. The nominations have been pretty basic except for Catalina Sandino Moreno from “Maria Full of Grace”. She was amazing in that movie and she deserves the nomination. I know who i want to win and they basically include the movies, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, “Sideways”, “Closer” and “Maria Full of Grace”.

The nominations for the Movie “Closer” also prove t he fact to me that Natalie Portman and Clive Owen are the best part of that movie. Jude Law and Julia Roberts are just horrid actors. Because both Clive and Natalie got supporting nods.

I hate the Oscars, but i like it when movies that people should see get nominated. Thats really the goal of the oscars.


Found Notes Part Two

I barely ever find any notes in my room. I always find School notebooks, School books, Pens, Blank papers. But never do i find notes that were written for kids. It is obviously because they care more for the notes than they do School work. This was school work, but it was to write a poem. I think i am going to scan them in also, but here is one written down.

I Am Poem

I am stupid and dumb

I wonder how big the universe is

I hear water fall

I see waves crashing against the shore

I pretend to be serene and col

I feel the coolness of the summer months

I touch flowing river

I cried when i was a baby

I am stupid and dumb

I understand the laws of physics

I say I am stupid

I dream about school

I try to get good grades

I hope to get a great career

I am stupid and dumb

This was written by a kid at my work. He doesn’t know i stole this, but its his fault he left it. It was written for an ESL (English as Second Language) class. Kids are so awesome.


What i wish i knew

I am going to be getting back into posting more. It has just been hard recently. I really like this guys speech that he wrote that he was going to be telling a bunch of high schoolers. check it out here, i have also archived it on my site at Archive, where i will be putting all my favorite sites up.

Events Interesting

Strippers, NO, i mean Burlesque Show

Every monday night at The Derby in Los Angeles they have a free burlesque show. If i was paying attention i could probably find out more about the free burlesque show, but i just go cause its free and there is stripping. Classy stripping at that. I took a few blurry pictures because thats what i do the best. Click the picture below for more pictures.