Month: May 2004

  • Computer Teacher Tip #245

    When a kid looks at your while sitting at a computer, to see where you are in the room. That kid is up to no good, kick him/her out of there immediately.

  • Greatest cover band of all time?

    i would like to say so….

  • Mp3 Blogs

    Tired of listening to the same stuff everyday? Get connected to one of these daily/weekly mp3 blog posting sites. Fluxblog Tofuhut TTIKTDA The Suburbs Are Killing Us Mystical Beast Freaky Trigger Tyrone Shoelaces Boom Selection Cocaine blunts and hip hop tapes Chromewaves Blahblog Punkassbitch Frank Payne Planet Blarg Bubblegum Machine Burned by the Sun copy, […]

  • Orkut dot com

    lilredheadedboy “you should have a shirt that says I <3 PUSSR” lilredheadedboy “PATENT PENDING”

  • Dropped notes

    Sometimes kids leave notes in my room (i work at a middle school). This was one of the notes left. if i tell you something will you promise not to scream? P.S. Be my partner O.K. Why are you scared of stephanie? I almost kissed him! I’m crying so much on the inside right now.