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I had wanted to do the Subliminal Projects website ever since I started working here. It was using a custom built backend and front end that was really hard to work with. And after everyone’s experience here with WordPress they had asked that it be built on WordPress. I wanted to make it easy and expand on itself. I had always want to do a gallery website since there is so many possibilities to do with it. As you will see in my explanation of how it is built, how it is run, and etc.


Blogging Software Beware

Its no secret that Matt Mullenweg wants to do. Well it sort of is, if you have never watched him explain WordPress or how he became who he is today. As he describes in many interviews his goal growing up was to be the top result for “Matt” in google. He accomplished this and held the high ranks for a couple of years, he doesn’t hold the high rank anymore. But he did it.

Why does Movable Type, Drupal, any blogging software out there need to be running scared? Well he is trying to do this with WordPress. WordPress is obviously rising in the ranks, but there are two versions of WordPress out there. and, so when they rank the blogging software out there, it just shows up as WordPress.

He simply wants the majority of websites to run open source software (WordPress).

As he describes in the video below:

All videos with matt are good listens, he is a good talker and I don’t know why he hasn’t been scouped up by some other company to do there bidding.

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Project: Subliminal Projects

Subliminal Projects Home Page

I recently got the pleasure of working on the Subliminal Projects website. I was able to finish my tri-fecta of websites under the “Studio Number One” umbrella (Studio Number One, OBEY GIANT, Subliminal Projects). I had wanted to work on the gallery page since I started working on the OBEY GIANT website. There is so much data and possibilities and it excited me.


Cleaning up Website

I had some free time this weekend and started to work on this website. I had used this website as a test bed for some wordpress plugins and other things. First thing i did was go through the db and delete anything that I thought wasn’t related, or was installed and not un-installed. I like having a clean db, and this worked out well and was easy to do. I have some experience in what is needed and not needed, so it was easy for me to do. But I don’t recommend that you do this. I didn’t even backup the db! I then updated the WordPress to the 3.0 beta 2 and initialized the 2010 theme.

The next thing I did was delete some folders and files that I know aren’t being used. I found an old Gallery2 installation and transfered the albums folder locally. I then deleted the whole folder, it took some hours to do over ftp. After that I created a Gallery category and a gallery page. I did this so I can customize the gallery page, and make it look more like a photo gallery than a blog. I started uploading some of the albums from gallery2 and was looking at how WordPress uses the image and galley features and customizing it using a child theme. I have never done this before, so it took some time to do. I was going to write my own function to grab the first image from a gallery, but apparently Wordpress already made one for me in the 2010 theme! So, I just had to copy and paste, I didn’t fine this until about an hour after I was working on my own. There doesn’t seem to be many websites talking about this, so I am going to change that later today on my tips for wordpress website.

Its lunch time, Talk to you later