How I Became the Bomb

I don’t know what website where i found out about ‘How I Became the Bomb’, but i am just happy that i have heard of them. The first thing that i am going to do when i get a job is to buy there cd from there website. I had messaged them on myspace about how much i like there music, and they wrote back a very nice letter. They don’t seem to be coming to Los Angeles very soon, but i hope that they have as good a stage presence as there music makes me want to shake my booty. I actually have been going to there myspace page everyday and listening to the track Secret Identity over and over again. Secret Identity is the Hit Track of the summer.

I hope that you like the song, and there other songs. If you live locally to them you can buy it at a cd store. But if your like the rest of us you have to buy it online from there website for a cheap $10. I would recommend that you go ahead and just buy it.

Download: How I Became the Bomb – “Secret Identity”

Official Website:
Myspace Site:



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