Using WordPress and Woo Commerce to Drop Ship

I have started a business and it involves Drop Shipping. Drop Shipping is where a customer buys an item from me, and then I order said item from a drop shipping supplier and ship it to the customer. Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it. Well there are already a ton a companies that are doing this, so getting into it late into the game is what makes it hard. I am not going to get into the product I am selling at the moment, I am going to start with why I choose WordPress and Woo Commerce to start my adventure.

It came down to one thing, money. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on trying this venture and having it failing. The only money that I had to put into this was for the domain name, and that came to $15 dollars. I already have hosting, thanks to dreamhost. With dreamhost I can host as many domains as I want to. I currently host five domains, none of which do anything of any nature. They also allow Let’s Encrypt’ion, for the domains hosted on my account. I don’t need to pay any monthly fees on the encryption. The Let’s Encrypt SSL is required for accepting Credit Cards from Stripe, which leads to. The Woo Commerce shopping cart plugin is also free, and has a plugin for accepting credit cards though stripe. Which handles the emailing of the people, the product inventory, etc etc.

So all in all, my initial investment into Drop Shipping is going to cost me $15, and that is just for the domain.

Now you might think, well yes you already have the web host to do this yourself. Well If you don’t have that, you can sign up for a years service at dreamhost for $119.40. Which isn’t too bad of an investment either. If you want to get into drop shipping, having multiple stores is where it is at. And hopefully your first few sales will pay for the hosting itself. They have other plans at $11 bucks a month which is also a good starter field.

Let me know your comments on this below, I want to get much more into detail about this as I go along.

wordpress Work

Project: Subliminal Projects

Subliminal Projects Home Page

I recently got the pleasure of working on the Subliminal Projects website. I was able to finish my tri-fecta of websites under the “Studio Number One” umbrella (Studio Number One, OBEY GIANT, Subliminal Projects). I had wanted to work on the gallery page since I started working on the OBEY GIANT website. There is so much data and possibilities and it excited me.

Life Work

I Quit my Job

So yeah last monday was my last day working as Technical Support for a Lausd. I worked there for three years and i thought that it was running its course. I have only had two jobs in the last 6 years. Before this i was a graphic designer.

So i am going to take a few days or weeks off and just hang out. I am looking for another job! So Hey out there, I am really good at fixing macintosh computers. Get in touch with me somehow and i can fix your computer. I can also do basic html stuff, whatever im not going to be putting my resume up here. Or not right now i won't.

I am still going to be going to school to become a teacher. Scary, i know. But its summer time and i love the heat and the sun.


Last things to do for my job

I am not going to be coming back to work next year at my current job. I am Technical Support for a middle school in the valley. I am going to leave a bunch of instructions for the next guy, or if no one takes my job next year.

  • Write out a list of Logins and Passwords.
  • Describe where the patch cables are.
  • Describe where the power cords are.
  • Describe how the internet works at this location.
  • Describe who to call if something breaks.
  • Tell them where computers are located.
  • Tell them basic instructions on how to fix a computer.
  • Tell them where the software is located.
  • Tell them what is in each drawr and cupbard.
  • Tell them about the Server.
  • Tell them how to turn the alarm off and keep it off.
  • Tell them secrets on how to get around things in the school and on the computer.
  • Tell them basic problems that teachers have.
  • Tell them about problem teachers.
  • Tell them about usuall problems that arrise.
  • I will be updating this until the end of the school year, or until i can’t think of anything else that i have to add. I will probably put this list up here, because it is stuff that most people should know about. And how to fix basic problems for macintosh and windows computers.

    Life Work

    Overheard today in my room

    This kid was in a chat room today, and this is the last time i let them in chat rooms. Well he was in a chat room, and he is speaking out loud what is being typed on the screen. “Hi, joseph….how are you?”, “I am fine”, “Do you give head?.” Joseph looks over to his friend, what does that mean, give head? I laugh and say no more chat room in my room, EVER.