Curb Your Enthusiasm Quote

“Im married i can wear whatever i want”

That is one reason why i love the show Curb Your Enthusiasm, Because he says things like that and he says:

“Would it have killed her to write a note”


Quote from The Girl Next Door

“Always Leave Them Wanting More.” No truer words have been said in a movie.

Friends Quotes

Lost Quote

lrhb: Oh I got season one from netflix
lrhb: I think John Locke would call it “resourceful” kthx


Where do we write it on?

kids ask the funniest questions.

You must answer all the questions.

Where are the questions?

On the paper that i just handed to you.

Where do we write the answers?

On your own piece of paper.

Can i borrow a piece of paper?


A simple Quote

I wrote this quote down because it means a lot to me. Sometimes even friends can become family. In some form or another, it may seem weird, but i find it to be the truest thing.

“When people get into your heart, they stay in there forever.”

i don’t know who said it, but it is from an episode of Six Feet Under.

Unknowingly people can get into your heart. All of a sudden one day, it just happens and you don’t even realize it. i do my best to try and ward of such happenings, but even i can’t do it.

My wall can be broken.