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How I Became the Bomb

I don’t know what website where i found out about ‘How I Became the Bomb’, but i am just happy that i have heard of them. The first thing that i am going to do when i get a job is to buy there cd from there website. I had messaged them on myspace about how much i like there music, and they wrote back a very nice letter. They don’t seem to be coming to Los Angeles very soon, but i hope that they have as good a stage presence as there music makes me want to shake my booty. I actually have been going to there myspace page everyday and listening to the track Secret Identity over and over again. Secret Identity is the Hit Track of the summer.

I hope that you like the song, and there other songs. If you live locally to them you can buy it at a cd store. But if your like the rest of us you have to buy it online from there website for a cheap $10. I would recommend that you go ahead and just buy it.

Download: How I Became the Bomb – “Secret Identity”

Official Website:
Myspace Site:

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Subliminal Projects Myspace

Subliminal Projects
I redesigned the Subliminal Projects myspace site at: I don’t have a before picture, but you can go check out what it looks like now. I am very pleased with the final design, and the gallery is very happy with what it looks like. It will be changing quite a bit, as i got some ideas for what they should be using there myspace site for.

When i first started working on it, they had 63 friends and the design was the normal myspace design. My insparation for this site was Helio’s Myspace. There is a big space over where the network is supposed to be, i havn’t figured out how to get rid of it. I think i am just going to use a div overlay the whole thing. As of today there is 880 friends and over 70 comments, and 900 page views. All of this in over four days. Check it! Click on the above picture to see the whole image of it.