Best Soundtrack Review Ever

Erin and I went and watched Biutiful last night with a Q&A from Alejandro González Iñárritu after the movie. He is such a good talker we had to go see it. He gives good commentary. Anyways, I don’t remember what the question was but he said that his favorite song is Ravel 2 which he uses in the credits of the movie. So i go about looking for it on the internet today and see that iTunes has the soundtrack. There was another song that I liked and so i just purchased the album. And then i scroll down to see if there are any reviews and this comes up:

Mannnnn me N’ my parole officer hit this jawn up to chill us out after all the hollerin about drug tests and droppin’ the soap. dope sh*t.

So ya, meow you know.


My Top 10 Songs from 2010

I love seeing what songs I listened to the most at the end of the year. I am happy that the Julian Casablanca’s song made it to the top5. It is one of my favorite songs for sure.

01 – Born Free – M.I.A.
02 – Sleepyhead – Passion Pit
03 – Airplanes – Local Natives
04 – Dear God 2.0 – The Roots Feat. Monsters Of Folk
05 – I’ll Try Anything Once – Julian Casablancas
06 – Best Friend – The Drums
07 – Beautiful My Monster – Husky Rescue
08 – All Together Now – Andre 3000
09 – Ready To Start – Arcade Fire
10 – I Feel Better – Hot Chip

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How DJ’s Should Use Twitter

Almost everyday, I get asked this question, “How should I be using twitter?” I am not a DJ, but I have a lot of friends who are DJ’s. I don’t know if they are using the Twitter, but these are some recommendation’s for DJ’s on how to use twitter.

1. Sign up for Twitter: The best way to tell your followers where you are going to be dj’ing, is to have twitter. So the first step is to sign up for twitter.

2. Tweet where you are going to be DJ’ing: How will people know where you are going to be? You just tweet that you are dj’ing there tonight.

3. Tweet what type of music you will be playing: I would go see a dj, if i knew what type of music he was going to be playing tonight. If you tweeted that you were going to be playing Cee Lo’s Fuck you. I would do whatever it takes to catch your set.

4. Tell people about your Twitter: How will you get followers? Tell your friends, announce it on facebook, email your list. People come up to you and say that they love the music you play, tell them your twitter.

5. Tweet Requests: Are you Dj’ing for yourself, or for people? It is annoying getting requests while you are dj’ing. But your twitter followers can request a song before you even go on. Tweet that you would like some requests for music to play tonight. If you have enough time, warn the person on twitter that you are going to be playing it next.

6. Watch @Replies: Checkout the live updates that are happening while you are DJ’ing. See what you could be doing better, See what type of music is better. Do A/B testing. Ask for responses about the music you are playing, please your audience.

7. Tweet the music you are playing: I don’t know if this exists yet, But there should be an automatic way to tweet what music you are playing via serato. This should exist if it doesn’t. Doing it by hand might be too complicated.

8. Tweet your playlist: I will always like one song that a DJ played last night. But how do I find out what it was.

9. Record your playlist: And tweet a link to download it.

10. Network: Follow other DJ twitter’s. Follow there lead, but also, blaze your own path. Nobody is doing it properly, and you won’t know what works until you try it. Twitter is still a new frontier and it could work for you.

11. Don’t be afraid of twitter: The more you use it, the more you will understand how it can be used. Unless you use it, you won’t know. I hate twitter, but I know how powerful it is.

12. Don’t forget about facebook: Just read this again, and replace it with facebook. Using both is twice as powerful as using one.


Arcade Fire w/ Synchronized Artwork

I love the new Arcade Fire album, and now someone found out about this easter egg for it. It is called Synchronized Artwork and it is mainly used on iTunes for audio books and the like. I don’t know if this is the first time that a band has used it or not, but it is definitely neat. Too my knowledge you have to buy it from Arcade Fire directly to see this working.


My Top 10 Songs from 2009

Here is my Top Ten Songs listened to from iTunes from the year 2009.

I got this my creating a smart playlist in iTunes with the rules:
Year is 2009
Limit to 10 items selected by most often played

01. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home
02. The xx – Islands
03. Cale Parks – Running Family
04. Karen O and the Kids – All Is Love (From “Where the Wild Things Are”)
05. Jay-Z – Run This Town [Ft. Kanye West & Rihanna]
06. Radiohead VS M.I.A – Surprise Paper Planes (verslon 2)
07. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero
08. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll
09. Jay-Z – D.O.A. [Death Of Auto-Tune]
10. Jaydiohead – No Karma

Surprising for me to see that there are only three songs that I didn’t pay for on the list. And those three are mashups or the like. Cale Parks just made the list these past weeks.