I always wanted to take a picture like this

I have always wanted to take a picture like this, it is a dream picture for me.

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NYE Pictures!

Thanks to everyone who got the downtown party done. The free dewars got some people a little too much fun. But god bless everyone. Thanks Dewars, MFG, Obey Giant, Rabbit Tusk, Brother Reade, Bobby Evans, Jason Stewart, Major Jamz, DJ franchise, Studio Number One and Dan Flores For making this all happen.

If you weren’t there you missed out on the best New Years Eve party that Los Angeles has ever seen.

Check out the pictures,

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Trash Can’s in Los Angeles

Trash Cans
Why are the Recycling trash cans the biggest trash can’s? The black trash can’s are the smallest out of the three trash cans. I guess when you are mowing your lawn or pulling the weeds, that gets a lot of Mulch. At my house we have Two black trash can’s, two green trash can’s and one blue trash can. But the black one is still the smallest one, i don’t get it.

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New Pictures; Magazine Covers, Wilshire Walk

I scanned in a lot of my favorite magazine covers, You can see the pictures in the Gallery in the Magazine Covers section.

And i had a few minutes before my job interview, so i took pictures around the la brea tar pits and on wilshire. Check out the pictures in Wilshire Walk.

Hope you like the pictures. I am going to go take margo to ghetto dog park now.

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My Desktop May

Its a new month, so i decided that i would change my desktop. The ice cube desktop was getting a little played out. I liked the pictures of the street in Santa Monica taken from the bridge, so i decided to make that my desktop. I didn't clean anything up, i usually keep my desktop really clean and tidy.