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  • iPod Photo

    Yeah so i broke down, well not actually broke down. But i went to the apple store, demanded that they retrieve a 30 gig iPod Photo. The guy asked me if i wanted any other accessories, i replied, 30 gig iPod Photo. Do you want any…..30 gig iPod Photo. So after a whole two minutes […]

  • Hacking the iPod

    I am waiting for two things to happen for the iPod. One of them was This and the other one is putting games on the iPod. But changing the icons on the iPod is awesome.

  • Wireless Headphones for iPod

    Just a quick link today. My friend lrhb today messaged me and was like, i figured out how to get wireless headphones for the iPod. I replied, holy shit, tell me how now, so i can go out and buy an ipod. Instructions on how to have wireless headphones for your ipod Genius

  • What to do with a broken iPod

    My friend Matt has posted a great blog about what to do with broken ipods. Just in case if you have no idea what to do when yours gets broken. It will happen one of these days, thats what the article is for. ipod ideas taken to new levels

  • Now we gotta worry about the color of our comp

    i can’t say anything just look at the pic.