Blogging Software Beware

Its no secret that Matt Mullenweg wants to do. Well it sort of is, if you have never watched him explain WordPress or how he became who he is today. As he describes in many interviews his goal growing up was to be the top result for “Matt” in google. He accomplished this and held the high ranks for a couple of years, he doesn’t hold the high rank anymore. But he did it.

Why does Movable Type, Drupal, any blogging software out there need to be running scared? Well he is trying to do this with WordPress. WordPress is obviously rising in the ranks, but there are two versions of WordPress out there. and, so when they rank the blogging software out there, it just shows up as WordPress.

He simply wants the majority of websites to run open source software (WordPress).

As he describes in the video below:

All videos with matt are good listens, he is a good talker and I don’t know why he hasn’t been scouped up by some other company to do there bidding.

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