Author: Weston Deboer

  • Dropped notes

    Sometimes kids leave notes in my room (i work at a middle school). This was one of the notes left. if i tell you something will you promise not to scream? P.S. Be my partner O.K. Why are you scared of stephanie? I almost kissed him! I’m crying so much on the inside right now.

  • a night with my sister for gmail

    i really enjoy a good laugh in the morning, and to find that people are in the want of gmail so bad, that they will do a swap for it. i would love to swap my sister for gmail. but i know that she wouldn’t go for it. just for a night, why not sister? […]

  • Reasons Why LRhB totally is the suxors

    1. Lrhb is totally stolen from the Lrhb rocket made by McDonald Douglas. 2. Pirates can totally kill Lrhb. And we know that ninjas can totally kill pirates. So Lrhb totally is the suxors. 3. Three words, lrhb dot org. totally suxors. 4. “Boy I sure bet that popular girl Lrhb is really going to […]

  • Coachella 2000